Driver Agreement

This is an EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT entered into by (the employer)

having its registered office at:




Name of the driver: ___________________________________________________

(herein after referred to as “the employee”)

Permanent Residential Address of the employee:



Current Residential Address of the employee:



Any communication that the company needs to send to the employee/driver will be delivered at the address mentioned as permanent address of the employee.

It is declared the employee is willing to be an employed by and accepts all the terms and conditions of this employment contract.

In case, of any dispute pertaining to the employment the terms and conditions mentioned in this contract must be considered as the final abiding laws to the employee or the driver.

It is declared the employee is willing to be an employed by and accepts all the terms and conditions of this employment contract.

  1. Employment. The Company agrees to employ the Employee as a driver and the Employee accept this employment upon agreeing to all the terms and conditions that have been set forth for employment through this employment agreement.

Specifically, the Employee will be responsible to carry on all the duties of a driver. In addition to the foregoing, the Employee/driver shall have such additional responsibilities as may be assigned by the Company from time to time. The Employee/driver shall devote his full time and effort to the performance of his duties for the Company and company’s client/s who hire the car rental services, which he shall perform faithfully and to the best of his ability.

  1. Term. The Employee/driver’s employment will begin from immediate effect as soon as he/she agrees to be The Employee/driver with The Employee/driver agrees that he is willingly accepting and is “at-will” an employee at, and this employment may be terminated by the Company at any time, for any or no reason. There is no other representation, statement, or implication to the contrary that is written or agreed upon by the employer at
  2. Compensation and Benefits.
  3.         I.            Base Salary. The Company shall pay the Employee/driver the amount per trip for services that he provides satisfactorily on behalf of This amount shall be a portion of 80 percent of the amount so received from the client/s who avail the car rental services or allied services of
  4.       II.            The amount so payable (should have been received by the company from the client/s who avail the car rental services or allied services of and) will be paid to the driver after a flat deduction of 20 percent commission.
  5.     III.            Apart from the 20 percent commission, the amount payable to the employee/driver shall be subject to any and every applicable withholdings, deductions and taxes, payable in accordance with the general payment practices at
  6.     IV.            Bonus. The Employee/driver shall not be eligible for a bonus from the Company otherwise explicitly declared by the company, however the tips received (if any) during any travel/s or tour/s shall be entirely his.
  7.       V.            Benefits. During the employment period, the Employee/driver shall be entitled to participate in or benefit from, in accordance with the eligibility and other provisions thereof, benefit plans and policies such as medical, dental, disability, insurance, retirement savings plans as per the company policies (Only in such a case where the company has to comply to the government rules and regulations).
  8.     VI.            The Company retains the rights to terminate or alter any such plans or policies from time to time, provided that such termination or alteration is done for all eligible employees and/or specifically for the Employee/driver.
  9.   VII.            As the Employee/driver is a contractual employee therefore he/she shall not also be entitled to any paid vacations, sick leave, and other similar benefits in accordance with policies at
  10. Reimbursement of Expenses. agrees to reimburse the Employee/driver for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the journey on behalf of the company only after producing the required bill/s, invoice/s, voucher/s, receipt/s and/or supporting documents in the format acceptable by the Income tax department of India.
  11. Nondisclosure, No solicitation, No competition and Inventions: As a condition of the Employee/driver’s employment by the Company and the payment of compensation and receipt of benefits referred to above, the Employee/driver has executed the Employee/driver Nondisclosure, No-competition, No solicitation and/or Inventions Contract.

The Employee/driver acknowledges that the employer/Company will not offer his employment or provide compensation and/or benefits set forth above if he was not willing to be bound by the terms of such Nondisclosure, Noncompetition, No solicitation and Inventions Agreement.

  1. 5.       Termination
    1.         I.            Rights and Duties: The Employee/driver is an employee “at will.” Accordingly, the Company or the Employee/driver may terminate his employment, with or without notice, for any lawful reason or no reason. The Employee/driver and the Company agree that, without modifying or altering the Employee/driver’s “at will” status, the employee must provide the Company at least 30 days’ notice in advance, if he/she wishes to discontinue providing the driver services.
    2.       II.            Termination by the Company for Cause: The Company may terminate the Employee/driver’s employment at any time for “cause.”

“Cause” shall mean:

  1. The Employee/driver breaches of any of the terms of this Agreement, including the failure to perform any duties contained in this Agreement or explained to him/her by the Company’s authorized personnel.
  2. In case of the disclosure or any failure to protect any information that is considered as confidential, is related to trade secrets or is about the Company’s proprietary information;
  3. If the Employee/driver commits any act of crime that is punishable offense under Indian Penal Code
  4. In case of direct or indirect involvement of the employee in any act or crime that involves dishonesty, moral misconduct, violence or other moral turpitude i.e. including but not limited to fraud, embezzlement, theft, assault, rape, battery, drunk driving, even if the employee has not been formally charged with or has been convicted of any such action or crime;
  5. In case the Employee/driver commits, allows, initiates or encourages any form of inaction that renders the Employee/driver or any other employee incapable of performing his duties. Any such action that reasonably affects or could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the Company’s business reputation or normal and regular functioning;
  6. In case the Employee/driver fails to comply or follow any national laws, regional laws or the company laws or instructions;
  7. In case the Employee/driver fails to maintain, renew, carry with him at all times, or has a suspended, revoked or denied any applicable license, permit or card required by the national government or state government authorities, or a political subdivision or any authorized agency thereof;
  8. In case the Employee/driver commits any act that can be considered as a breach trust, or duty or loyalty, or all including performances of his/her job responsibility.
  9. In case the Employee/driver fails or become unable, for any reason including the disability resulting into nonperformance of his duties to devote 100% of his/her business time, the very best efforts, understanding, skills, abilities, knowledge and common sense to the Company’s business;
  10. In case the Employee/driver fails to diligently or effectively perform his duties under any provision of this Agreement or any duty as directed from time to time by the Company;
  11. In case the Employee/driver violates any policy established by the Company


  1.     III.            Termination in the event of death or disability: The Agreement shall terminate upon the Employee/driver’s death or Disability. For purposes of the Agreement, “Disability” shall mean the inability of the Employee/driver, due to physical or mental impairment, to perform the essential functions of his position, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Effect of Termination

a)      Any remuneration that is due to the driver, in case he leaves, without prior notice shall be paid only after deducting the damages (if any that may be tangible or intangible in nature).

b)      In case of dishonesty or disobedience or any other clauses as specified in this employment contract the amount that the company deems as appropriate shall be final.

c)       In case of any legal proceedings, the Company is entitled to make relevant deductions towards the retaining or the lawyer and any other expenses so incurred in the lieu of such legal proceeding/s.

d)      In case of any material, tangible or intangible harm to the Company, the employee/driver may be charged the same by the Company as per its rules and regulations or as per it finds appropriate in face of its losses incurred due to such action/s.


Choice of Law. The Indian Penal Code alone shall govern the validity, interpretation, construction, and performance of this employment Agreement.


Successors & Solicitors: This Agreement is binding upon and not limited to the employee. The employee herein declares a full immunity towards the employee and affirms to  indemnify his/her respective heirs, representatives, executors, successors, solicitors, and assignees and shall not be determined or affected by the heath or incapacity of any one of us for any claims or assets or all the business and assets at

Validity and Enforcement: This agreement shall remain enforced irrespective of any and every circumstance/s.

Tax Compliance. All payments made pursuant to this Agreement shall be subject to withholding of applicable national and state laws of income tax, professional tax, or any other employment taxes as and when applicable.

The Employee/driver acknowledges that:

  1. He/she has read and understood all the terms, conditions and clauses mentioned in this employment agreement
  2. He/she has signed this agreement contemporaneously herewith; there agreement has been entered into so moto without any threats or pressure
  3. He/she is bound by (but not limited to) the terms and conditions of this employment agreement;